Tim Hortons’ Timbits cereal sparks debate: chocolate or birthday cake?

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WATCH: ‘The Morning Show’ hosts discuss the pros and cons of the Tim Hortons treat moving to cereal form – Jan 7, 2020

Tim Hortons has unveiled two new flavours of mini “Timbits” breakfast cereal, and Canadians are already taking sides in the looming flavour war.

Tim Hortons announced on Monday that it’s partnering with cereal-maker Post Foods to produce two Timbit-inspired cereal flavours, “chocolate glazed” and “birthday cake.” The cereals are expected to hit major supermarket shelves early this year, and several individuals have reported seeing the cereal boxes at Costco locations in Ontario.

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“We’re excited to be launching one of Canada’s favourite snacks in cereal form so Canadians can enjoy two of our delicious Timbits flavours in a whole new way,” Samuel Heath, Tim Hortons’ head of retail, said in a news release.

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Reactions in Canada were as mixed as a 20-pack of Timbits. Some social media users are eager to scarf a box of Timmy’s cereal for breakfast. Others are questioning the need for another super-sugary cereal at the grocery store.

“So do we eat it with coffee instead of milk?” one person asked on Twitter.

“Welcome to type 50 diabetes!” wrote user @Mross1717.

One user had the novel idea of making Rice Krispie-style squares with the new cereal.

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Tim Hortons hasn’t provided details of where and when the cereal will be available, but several social media posts suggest that the cereal was on the shelves at Costco over the weekend.

The two new flavours have also proven to be divisive. There appear to be many chocolate supporters, but birthday cake proponents are a small yet vocal minority on Twitter.

“Why birthday cake flavour?” tweeted user James Friesen. “Everyone knows chocolate Timbits are the best flavour.”

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Global News has not tried the new cereals, but their nutritional details show they are chock-full of sugar. A 36-gram serving of chocolate glazed Timbits cereal contains 17 grams of sugar and 32 grams of carbohydrates, while the birthday cake flavour is only slightly better. That’s “very high,” according to a thread from several dietitians on Twitter.

In other words, one bowl of chocolate Timbits cereal contains about two double-double coffees’ worth of sugar.

One Twitter user put it more succinctly: “It would be cheaper to just pour sugar in your piehole.”


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