Police officer injured during altercation in northwest Calgary

A Calgary police officer was injured Friday night after a man punched the officer in the head. Michael King / Global News

A police officer was injured while on duty Friday night in the northwest Calgary community of Hawkwood.

The Calgary Police Service said the officer was delivering a subpoena and doing paperwork at around 5:30 p.m. when a man — unrelated to the subpoena — approached the officer about why they were parked on the street.

That’s when police said the man attacked the officer, punching them in the head before the officer deployed their Taser.

Police did not say if the man was hit by the Taser but said he didn’t sustain any injuries.

An officer-in-trouble code was called and units from the district responded to back up the officer. Police said the issue was resolved within 30 minutes.

The officer suffered minor injuries to their head, and police said the suspect was taken into custody.

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