Dorval tenant says her apartment has been too cold: ‘This is not a slum dwelling’

Click to play video: 'Dorval resident claims she’s been living in the cold for almost a week'
Dorval resident claims she’s been living in the cold for almost a week
WATCH: A Dorval resident claims to have been struggling to keep her home warm for close to a week. Tim Sargeant reports – Dec 23, 2019

Karen Kemp says trying to sleep at night has been a chilly affair in recent days.

The tenant of a large Dorval apartment complex says that amid cold temperatures on some nights, no heat heat has been coming from the baseboard heaters.

“This is not a slum dwelling. I’m paying a lot of rent; I’ve never been late,” Kemp told Global News.

“I’m 71 and I think I’m being treated very, very inhumane.”

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She insists her complaints to the front office and the building’s owners aren’t being taken seriously.

“I’m cold. And we’re lucky it’s mild outside. If this drops, i’m in trouble,” Kemp said.

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She’s not alone.

Her neighbour complains there is insufficient heat at night and temperatures were recorded below 21 degrees several days ago.

The minimal temperature that apartments must be maintained, according to Montreal’s bylaw, is 21 degrees Celsius.

The landlord and building manager admits there was a software problem with the central heating system, but said it has since been resolved.

“They’re entitled to 21 degrees. We completely support and agree with that,” Mark Kenney, president and CEO of CAPREIT, told Global News.

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Kenney says his company takes complaints seriously and that they strive to maintain a 21-degree minimum temperature.

Kenney insists he will have a local team contact Kemp to take a temperature reading at her request.

“We have a 24-hour response line and our residents can access that and we will be there,” he said.

Kemp just hopes the thermostat will be turned up so that the mercury hits a minimum 21 degrees at all times — as required by law.

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