Cattle farmers in Saskatchewan optimistic going into 2020

Cattle farmers in Saskatchewan optimistic going into 2020
WATCH: Many cattle farmers in Saskatchewan had a successful season.

Saskatoon Livestock Sales hosted its final market sale of the year and hundreds came out after having a successful cattle season.

“We’re getting a lot of action from outside provinces just because the feed situation in other provinces has been really good, as well,” Saskatoon Livestock Sales market manager Pat Tellier said.

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Around 1,200 cows and heifers were up for grabs. Many farmers and producers purchased pregnant cows in preparation for next season.

“They’ll be putting more production into their own herd. They’ll calve these cows out and hopefully come to market next year,” Tellier said.

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It was a much more challenging year for other agriculture sectors. The season started off with a dry spring and the remainder of the year was wet and cold. Many producers had to finish harvest combining in the snow. For the cattle industry, the season eventually prevailed.

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“It started out tough. Early summer was looking a bit grim, but then actually it turned out to be excellent,” Tellier said.

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Tellier said sales in 2019 were comparable to previous years and hopes for another successful season in 2020. Saskatoon Livestock Sales will have its first regular feeder market sale of the new year on Jan. 6.