Dad tries gluing ear after son bites part of it off at LDS church party

Josue Montuy, 28, has been charged with mayhem. Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department

It’s all fun and games until someone bites an ear off at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) party.

Stanislaus County officials were called to an LDS church Sunday night in Crows Landing, Calif., with reports that a man bit part of his father’s ear off that evening.

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Josue Montuy was fighting a missionary at LDS, CBS Sacramento reports, when his father stepped in to separate them.

The fight happened at around 6 p.m. during a holiday party, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Sgt. Josh Clayton told The Modesto Bee.

That was when the 28-year-old allegedly bit off an inch of his father’s ear during a church holiday party, deputies said.

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But that’s not where the story ends.

In attempt to rectify the situation and save his ear, the unnamed father drove more than 16 kilometres to find something to glue his ear back together before stopping at a Dollar Tree in nearby Ceres.

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“That’s a man for you, duct tape and super glue,” Crystal Peredea, who was shopping at the store that night, told the broadcast station.

“Hopefully it was some misunderstanding,” Crystal Edwards, another shopper, told the publication.

“Move past it and heal and enjoy each other since that’s the time we’re at right now: family time.”

Luckily, police officers were able to catch up with him before he attempted to recover his ear, but they told CBS that they don’t know how the fight began.

Global News reached out to the number listed on the church’s contact page. It’s no longer in service.

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According to county jail records, Montuy is currently being held on US$200,000 bail.

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He was charged with mayhem, a charge for those deemed to have maliciously disfigured a person’s body.

His release date is currently listed as pending.