Pious distracted driver slapped with fine after being busted using ‘prayer app’

A photo illustration of distracted driving.   .
A photo illustration of distracted driving. . Paul Chiasson / The Canadian Press

A distracted driver in Delta is facing a fine after being in a little too much of a hurry to commune with their maker.

Delta police say they hear all kinds of excuses about why drivers need to touch their phone, but this one was a first: interacting with a “prayer app.”

According to police, it happened earlier Thursday while officers were conducting traffic enforcement near Scott Road and 120th Street.

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“The driver was actually holding his phone and interacting with a prayer app,” said Delta police spokesperson Cris Leykauf.

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“We don’t know the name of the app or what faith it was attached to or anything like that. But apparently the driver was getting information on a prayer that he needed to do.”

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The driver was handed a ticket for $368 and four driver penalty points, worth a $252 hike on their annual insurance premium.

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It’s a reminder from police that drivers should never let Jesus — or any other deity — take the wheel.

“We would advise that person to pull over when safe to do so. You can check your app in a parking lot or when you’re pulled over safely on the side of the road and not driving, not while you’re stopped in an intersection,” said Leykauf.

“You know … when you’re actually parked safely and no longer need to have your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.”