Former tent city residents accuse Surrey of a ‘war on the poor’

WATCH: (Aired Nov. 23, 2019) City of Surrey crews are starting to remove a homeless encampment along King George Boulevard after a new shelter opened with room to house the campers.

Calling it a “war on the poor,” some former residents of a Surrey tent city say they lost most of their belongings when the city moved them last week.

The remaining residents in the Sanctuary Tent City worked for three days to move their belongings from private property to city property.

New conflict over homeless in Surrey
New conflict over homeless in Surrey

Dave Diewart, a spokesperson for Sanctuary residents, said three days wasn’t enough time for some who had been living there for years.

“We feel like the plan was rushed without any notice people didn’t have time to pack up it wasn’t very clear where they would go the shelter was full,” he said.

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The nearby Surrey Urban Mission confirmed to Global News that shelters in the area are full.

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Global News has reached out to the city for comment.