Ontario government to allow e-scooters on roads in 5-year trial period

WATCH ABOVE (Sept. 10, 2019): Five days into an e-scooter pilot project in the Distillery district, Toronto’s environment and infrastructure committee has recommended temporarily banning e-scooters on city property. The move means residents can’t even park e-scooters on sidewalks. Priya Sam has more.

TORONTO – Ontario is starting a five-year pilot project beginning Jan. 1 to allow e-scooters on roads.

The two-wheeled, motorized vehicles are currently illegal to operate anywhere in the province other than on private property.

The pilot will let municipalities decide whether to allow e-scooters on municipal roads, including parks and trails.

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E-scooter drivers will have to be at least 16 years old and wear a helmet, and their vehicles will need to have a horn or bell and a front and rear light.

The government says Quebec and Alberta are also running e-scooter pilots.

Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney says the five-year trial will help businesses expand, enrich local economies and offer people more options to get around safely.

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E-Scooter pilot project launches in Toronto’s Distillery District
E-Scooter pilot project launches in Toronto’s Distillery District