Winnipeg’s Dayna Spiring to be first woman with name on Grey Cup

Chair of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Club Dayna Spiring to be first woman ever with name engraved on CFL's Grey Cup.

Winnipeg’s Dayna Spiring will become the first woman ever to have her name engraved on the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup, according to Economic Development Winnipeg.

Spiring also currently represents the first woman to chair of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Club board Directors.

“It’s still very surreal and very overwhelming,” Dayna Spiring said in an interview on Global News Morning.

“I’m so proud to be the first female chair of the Bombers and to be the first woman with her name on the Grey Cup is pretty spectacular.”

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As the chair, Spiring will have her name will engraved on the Grey Cup alongside the names of each Blue Bomber player.

Spiring said a former senator reached out to her and said, “Well sweetheart, you’re making history, and who would have thought it would have been in football.”

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Spiring said she hopes the moment will encourage other women to follow their passions.

“I hope that I’m an example of how … if you want to participate in something that you’re passionate about, you should go do that.”

Winnipeg is set to host a Grey Cup parade Tuesday to celebrate the Blue Bombers championship win against Hamilton.

Spiring also sits as the president of Economic Development Winnipeg, and said the event is sure to bring the city together.

“I think sport has the ability to unite communities.”

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“We’ve had some pretty lousy news in Winnipeg lately, it hasn’t all been rosy, and this one of those examples of where the community can come together and cheer on their team,” Spiring said.

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The parade is set to begin just before noon, making its way to The Forks. Spiring says the Premier and Mayor are expected to give speeches, but that mainly the event will be a chance to see the players, and the Grey Cup up close with fun and music.

Global News will be live streaming the event commercial-free on the website beginning just before noon. Find more information here:

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