Edmonton man faces prostitution related charges

A 58-year old man has been arrested following an eight month investigation by the EPS Vice Section.

Dennis Fitzpatrick Huggins is currently facing 13 criminal code charges related to keeping a bawdy house, living off the avails of prostitution and proceeds of crime.

Police allege that Huggins was the central figure in a prostitution ring in our city involving several massage parlours, including one at 150 Street and 118 Avenue and another at 95 Street and 76 Avenue. Six women were removed from the massage parlours and sent back to Toronto.

The investigation came about after citizens reported suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods.

"It’s this assistance from the public that is helping us battle this problem and assist the women who have been victimized by it." Staff Sergeant John Fiorilli of the EPS Vice Section said in a news release. "We can’t tackle this issue alone, we need everyone’s help.”

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