41 new Canadians receive citizenship certificate in Kelowna

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) hosted a citizenship ceremony at the Innovation Centre in Kelowna on Thursday.

The ceremony is centered around welcoming and presenting 41 new Canadians with their official citizenship certificate.

“Always very moving, I’ve been there myself so I know; it’s a moment that stays with you always,” says Kelowna councillor Mohini Singh.

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Many of the new Canadians shared the same sentiment that being Canadian opens many doors for them and their children. Most of these former immigrants have been living in Canada for years, but are now finally able to call themselves Canadian.

The 41 new Canadians have come from 20 countries around the world.

“This is a point in time in a person’s life when they become a Canadian citizen and you know they are morally legally bound to do their best for Canada,” said Singh.

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“They are swearing allegiance to Canada, so it makes a big difference in someone’s life.”

38 take the oath of Canadian citizenship at ceremony in Cobourg
38 take the oath of Canadian citizenship at ceremony in Cobourg