‘Subpoena Colada’: Bars in D.C. offer up specials based on impeachment hearings

On the right, a Subpoena Colada, and on the left, James and the Giant Impeachment. Credit: Duffy's Irish Pub

“Quit Bro, Go.”

“Subpoena Colada.”

“I got 99 problems but impeachment ain’t one.”

These are just some of the names behind impeachment-themed cocktails served up at Washington, D.C. bars this past week.

Jessie Marrero, operations manager at Duffy’s Irish Pub, says their “Subpoena Colada” — made with Bacardi, coconut cream and pineapple juice — was more popular than their other special, a cocktail called “James and the Giant Impeachment.”

The Subpoena Colada is the clear winner by popular vote,” she said in an email on Sunday night.

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Click to play video: 'Eight witnesses to testify in impeachment inquiry'
Eight witnesses to testify in impeachment inquiry

Duffy’s began serving the impeachment specials last Wednesday, under Happy Hearing Hours. The bar opened early for the first two days of the hearings and might open early this week as well, provided there are high-profile witnesses.

“The drinks will continue until the hearings end, with the Happy Hearing Hours running throughout televised testimony,” Marrero said.

Capitol Lounge also offered an impeachment-themed cocktail menu, according to their Facebook post from Nov. 13, with “Quit Bro, Go” (elderflower, prosecco, Italian soda — served on a subpoena) and “Insane in the Ukraine” (made with blueberry vodka, soda and frozen lemonade).

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Union Pub offered up US$7 cocktails on the same theme last week.

A Nov. 12 Facebook post shows their impeachment hearing menu consisted of “I got 99 problems but impeachment ain’t one” (made with peach vodka, Schnapps, orange juice and Sprite) and “ImPEACHment please” — the latter apparently a spin-off of their regular “PEACH please” cocktail.

Click to play video: 'SNL takes turns to ‘Days of our Lives’ to explain Trump impeachment inquiry in cold open'
SNL takes turns to ‘Days of our Lives’ to explain Trump impeachment inquiry in cold open

This isn’t the first time a closely-watched political saga has inspired special menus in Washington. 

Washington, D.C., bars opened their doors early in July as well, when Robert Mueller’s testimony occupied headlines. Union Pub offered “Moscow Muellers” back then for US$6, and Midlands Beer Garden did a giveaway for a custom “It’s Mueller Time” coozie, according to NBC Washington

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Duffy’s opened early for the Mueller testimony as well, offering “Bloody Muellery’s” to patrons. For the James Comey hearing, they had Covfefe cocktails on the menu.

“Duffy’s has, and will continue to offer, similar specials and early opening hours for large political stories,” Marrero said.

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