Roy Green: My conversation with Don Cherry

‘We were wrong:’ Ron MacLean apologizes for Don Cherry’s comments on Hockey Night in Canada
Ron MacLean, who hosted Coach's Corner with Don Cherry, apologized on Sunday for the comments Cherry made suggesting immigrants new to Canada were not wearing poppies, saying the words were "hurtful and discriminatory.” MacLean went on to say he owed an apology as well for not doing anything or responding at the time.

How will you explain to your kids why Don Cherry is not on Coach’s Corner anymore?

You can hear Cherry speak for himself when he appears on my show on Saturday. He has been my friend for 30 years. It wasn’t my typical interview with a guest as much as it was me speaking with a friend.

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Last week I was often asked, why no opinion piece and why nothing on Twitter? By email and phone, that question has dogged me since Cherry’s remarks on Hockey Night in Canada.

“Isn’t Don Cherry a friend of yours?” quizzed a friend in a borderline hostile call.

I wanted to read, watch and listen to what was being said before offering my thoughts. I will offer comments on Saturday’s show.

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We all have so many questions. What does Cherry have to say about his remarks on Coach’s Corner on the Saturday before Remembrance Day? Did he deserve to lose his job?

You must decide that for yourself — and I do want to hear from you. After my interview, I plan on opening up the phone lines. And the question I will put to us is the one that opened this piece: How will you explain to your kids why Don Cherry is not on Coach’s Corner anymore?

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We’ll also hear from Joe Warmington with his thoughts on Don, and then we’ll hear from employment lawyer Jon Pinkus on the case.

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