Report shows second-hand shopping growing in Saskatchewan

According to a new report, the second-hand economy in Saskatchewan is growing faster than ever.
According to a new report, the second-hand economy in Saskatchewan is growing faster than ever. Handout / VarageSale

More and more people in Saskatchewan are buying and/or selling second-hand items, according to a new report.

A study out of the University of Quebec released by Kijiji shows people in the province buy and/or sell an average of 85 second-hand items each year.

The report claims saving money tends to be the biggest reason — something lifestyle expert Tenille Lafontaine said isn’t surprising.

“Not only families on a budget, but all families can save money by buying items second-hand and selling them second-hand,” Lafontaine said.

“It’s a really good way to recoup that value when you do have to buy an item at full price.”

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She said new technology has made it easier than ever before to connect with potential buyers and sellers.

“Even 10 years ago, you were at garage sales or second-hand shops, but now it’s right at your fingertips,” Lafontaine said.

Lafontaine said new parents have also played a significant role in boosting the second-hand economy.

“Especially when you think about baby items or kid items. Kids grow so fast that typically they are only using those items for a short amount of time,” Lafontaine said.

“They have very little wear when you’re using it second hand or even third hand, fourth hand.”

Lafontaine said more people buying and/or selling used items could also have something to do with consumers being more environmentally responsible.

“We know that we can use items for longer and we know about waste and consumer waste,” Lafontaine said.

“Knowing you can use an item and perhaps sell it or pass it along to somebody else to get more use out of it makes you feel good.”

The report indicated people under 45 are most active in the second-hand economy, with 88 per cent of them participating.


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