London Abused Women’s Centre warning Londoners of fake solicitors requesting funds

"We do not ever engage in door-to-door solicitation," Walker tells 980 CFPL.

The executive director of the London Abused Women’s Centre is sending out a message to Londoners after learning about a recent scam.

Megan Walker posted a tweet on Nov. 8 warning of fake door-to-door solicitors who claim they’re with the centre and are asking for donations.

“We do not ever engage in door-to-door solicitation,” Walker tells 980 CFPL.

“If anybody ever comes to your door to ask for funds for the LAWC, take a description and call the police because that’s not something we ever do.”

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Walker said she found out about the incident through her board chair.

“My board chair reached out to say somebody had come to her door to raise funds for the (centre)… she was proactive in putting this up on social media and advising us.”

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As of Saturday, the centre says it has yet to receive any calls regarding someone donating money to the solicitors.

“I’m very aware of the criminal intent in trying to raise money for one organization when your motivation is to keep it for yourself,” Walker says.

Walker confirmed that the solicitors knocked on doors throughout the Byron area, but she’s unsure whether they travelled around the city.

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Despite the challenge, Walker is taking this time to thank the community.

“London is very generous and we appreciate the generosity of Londoners in coming forward and always ensuring abused women and children can access service.”

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For those who are interested in helping out, the executive director says the centre is always appreciative of volunteers and monetary donations, but will never solicit to collect funds.

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