Calgary Transit peace officers reunite with the senior they saved

It's not often Calgary Transit peace officers are hailed as heroes. But a couple of quick thinkers are being recognized for bringing an elderly passenger back from the brink of death. Jill Croteau reports.

It may have been a stroke of luck or fate that brought a group of strangers together, but it ended up being a life-saving encounter.

Heinz Baade was on the CTrain at the Calgary City Hall stop when he collapsed on Oct. 30. The 85-year-old suffered a severe heart episode and had no pulse.

Two peace officers on shift, Tom Alexander and Harpreet Gosal, were on their routine patrol when they got the call about a passenger in medical distress. They immediately started CPR in a desperate attempt to revive Baadehim.

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“He was on the floor of the train, unresponsive. We weren’t able to find a pulse,” Alexander said.

Both Alexander and Gosal worked together on Baade until paramedics arrived and rushed him to hospital, where he is still recovering.

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The three got a chance to reunite on Friday.

“Maybe it’s a second chance. Somebody was looking out for me,” Baade said.

“As far as I’m concerned, they saved my life.”

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Baade’s daughter Stephanie Chabeniuk said she’s grateful for what the officers did.

85-year-old Heinz Baade, his family and the peace officers.
85-year-old Heinz Baade, his family and the peace officers. Jill Croteau/Global News

“I have strong faith and believe God was working in mysterious ways. I think God wasn’t ready for my dad to come up there,” Chabeniuk said.

“My dad has a lot more living to do.”

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The peace officers said they were just “doing their job.”

“It’s very humbling,” Alexander said. “Every day we put on a uniform representing the City of Calgary and I take it as an honour to have them recognize us.”

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“He’s the same age as my father,” Gosal said. “When I see the outcome, I am thrilled and happy for him and his family for the positive outcome.”

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Baade may need open-heart surgery in the days to come but he and his family are holding onto hope he makes a full recovery.