Vigil held for Calgary case worker stabbed to death

People gathered Saturday, Nov. 2 to pay tribute to Deborah Onwu, a case worker who was killed in Calgary on Oct. 25. Global News

Friends and family gathered on Saturday to remember a Calgary case worker who was fatally stabbed last week.

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Deborah Onwu, 47, was stabbed to death in the early morning hours of Oct. 25. She was working her shift at an assisted living facility for Wood’s Homes. An 18-year-old man living there was charged with her murder.

On Nov. 2, people lit candles and laid flowers at 1826 27 Ave. S.W., the place where Onwu was killed. Attendees advocated for more to be done to protect frontline workers.

People gathered Saturday, Nov. 2 to remember Deborah Onwu, a Calgary case worker who was killed on Oct. 25. Global News

Onwu was the big sister of seven siblings and came from Nigeria before moving to Toronto about 24 years ago. She worked in the health-care sector over the last two decades.

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“Debbie plays the motherly role for all of us, being the first child,” said Nancy Uwangue, Onwu’s sister, at the vigil.

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Uwangue said she is speaking to the directors of Wood’s Homes, asking them to conduct a proper assessment and to find out more about their clients — all in the name of justice for her sister.

“What happened here a few days ago shouldn’t have happened if there are two-to-one or three-to-one individuals working with the client. That’s No. 1,” she explained.

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“No. 2, I suggest that they should have CCTV as well because if there is closed-circuit television, that can actually help people determine exactly what happened. And No. 3, to offer more training to the staff wherever they feel they are lacking training.”

Deborah Onwu, 47, was fatally stabbed in Calgary on Friday, Oct. 25, 2019. Obtained by Global News

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