Brantford police cleared after suspect injured in alleged construction site theft

A pair of Brantford police officers have been cleared by the SIU after a suspect was injured in a take down in February.
A pair of Brantford police officers have been cleared by the SIU after a suspect was injured in a take down in February. Don Mitchell / Global News

Two Brantford police officers won’t be facing charges after the province’s police watchdog investigated injuries caused during an arrest on a construction site.

The robbery suspect was found to have broken ribs and a punctured lung after being taken into custody.

Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Interim Director Joseph Martino said the force used by the officers was “legally justified in aid of a lawful arrest” at a construction site in the Morrell and Holme streets area in Brantford on the morning of Feb. 17.

In his report, Martino said the investigation benefitted from CCTV cameras which “captured portions of the circumstances surrounding the complainant’s arrest.”

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The SIU says the injuries were sustained when the complainant (suspect) “resisted” arrest and was “wrestled” to the ground after a foot chase.

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The incident began when two Brantford police officers were called out to the construction site at 3:15 a.m. following a report of a break-in.

Upon arrival and subsequent search in which the responding officer split up, one of the officers encountered the complainant “exiting a building holding several items”, Martino said.

The items were dropped and a foot chase between the complainant and the officer ensued, ending with the suspect slipping on snow and ice as the officer took him to ground.

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Moments later, other officers arrived with one “threatening” the use of a conductive energy weapon if he didn’t stop resisting arrest. After several punches from the officers, police were able to handcuff the alleged thief.

The complainant was subsequently taken to hospital and diagnosed with a fractured left rib and collapsed lung, according to the SIU.

Martino said the complainants “indication he was bent on escaping custody” justified the force taken by the officers.

In closing the file, Martino also said there was evidence the complainant received his injuries as he fell to the ground fleeing from the police.

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