Halloween 2019: The best costumes seen around London

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Here are some of the costumes you’ll be seeing a lot of while trick-or-treating this Halloween – Oct 25, 2019

You’re spooky, London.

This week we asked to see your Halloween costumes and we were flooded with scary and clever costumes from around the region. Bonus points for sharing photos of your kids dressed up. Here’s a round up of some of the best ones.

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Melanie MacKinnon’s son Maverick, 6, is a dead ringer for Pennywise, the evil clown in It.

Candice Blois’ makeup is incredible. We hope you won best costume, Candice!

Tiffany Jones McClennan said her couples costume was popular this year.

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Here’s the proof! Cathy Hailey was Little Red Riding Hood, too.

Amie Dogar says making the golden ticket was the hardest part of her family’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory costume.

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Auston Lennox dressed up as Chase from Paw Patrol at Storybook Gardens over the weekend.


Chris Dunn pulled off a great Santa for Halloween.

Penni Cradduck- Stoddart dressed up as a crazy cat lady at work.

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Woah! Hayden Sanders had his mouth sewn shut.


Jessica Lamont and her dog, Carson, dressed up as Dorothy and Toto.


Dawn Thurston was a caveman…er…woman.

Hannah Granger’s daughter, Melodie, in a convincing piñata.

Cameron McNairn as U.S. President Donald Trump.

Cameron McNairn dressed as Donald Trump. Cameron McNairn

Miles Linton as a headless bodyguard and sister Grace as Princess Grace.

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Amanda Linton. Amanda Linton

Stephanie Brockett gets an A for effort because these Ghostbusters costumes are homemade.

Stephanie Brockett. Stephanie Brockett

Autumn Simeays went all out with her Steampunk Mad Hatter costume.

Autumn Simeays. Autumn Simeays

Jasmine McRitchie shared this photo of her mom, Jackie Vella, dressed as Pennywise. They made the costume together.

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Jasmine McRitchie
Jasmine McRitchie. Jasmine McRitchie

Jessica Lynn’s daughter, Norah, makes for an adorable peacock.

Michelle DeOliveira’s daughter, Hailey, on her way to her first Halloween dance.

Megan Van Conant’s children, Annika and Maasai, as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World.

Heather Smaldon Kelly, your Minnie Mouse costume is giving us nightmares!

Victoria and Katrina Hale are the Grady sisters in The Shining.

Jessica Hale
Jessica Hale. Jessica Hale

More twins! Zoey and Lola Carnegie are the two types of Sandy in Grease.

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Adara G
Adara G. Adara G

Gareth Cooper is Chucky from Child’s Play.

Laura Cooper
Laura Cooper. Laura Cooper

Joshua Mckechnie, 6, is Pennywise, the evil clown in It.

Amie Young. Amie Young

Keep the photos coming, London! We’ll update this post throughout the week.


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