As election day nears Fredericton candidates find themselves in tight race

Fredericton’s 3 candidates in tight race for federal elections
ABOVE: Fredericton’s 3 candidates in tight race for federal elections

As the last day of the campaign wraps up candidates in Fredericton find themselves locked in a tight race.

“Well there’s no doubt it’s a competitive race, there’s no doubt it will be a close result,” said liberal incumbent Matt DeCourcey.

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DeCourcey is in the midst of a three-way race, threatened by Conservative candidate Andrea Johnson on the right and Green Party candidate Jenica Atwin on the left. Mackenzie Thomason and Jason Paull are running in the riding for the NDP and PPC respectively.

Fredericton has been one of the most visited ridings across the country over the campaign. Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May have visited the city twice, while Andrew Scheer has made stops in Fredericton and Upper Kingsclear, N.B. during his three trips to New Brunswick.

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The attention has not gone unnoticed.

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“We’ve got a very strong three way split and I think having the leader here for the third time shows that this is a priority for him, the people of New Brunswick and this riding are a priority,” Johnson said after a Scheer campaign stop in Fredericton on Friday.

While voters in Fredericton are well acquainted with the Liberal and Conservative parties, the Green Party has risen as a third challenger in the riding. Parts of Fredericton are represented in the provincial legislature by the leader of the New Brunswick Green Party, David Coon, who led the Greens to a breakthrough three seat performance in the provincial election during fall 2018.

Strategic Voting in the 2019 federal election
Strategic Voting in the 2019 federal election

Atwin says the party is working hard to show they are a viable alternative to the traditional major parties.

“I mean our big thing is that we want to bring people together, we want to end a lot of this divisiveness. And that’s what we’re seeing with kinda the swinging back and forth and recently how the other large parties have been behaving towards one another and we just don’t go down that road so that’s what we’ve been bring to voters at the doors,” she said.

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Jagmeet Singh is the only major leader not to stop in Fredericton, his lone morning in New Brunswick spent in Bathurst, an area represented by former NDP MP Yvon Godin for18 years.