Calgary man upset after he says he received an unsafe Amazon package

WATCH: A Calgary man is looking for answers after he says an Amazon package of syringes was delivered with needles puncturing the bag.

It was a sharp surprise for Andrew Downey with the delivery of his most recent Amazon package.

Downey uses specific syringes bought on Amazon to get exact dosages for his extracted cannabis oil.

Usually buying one type of syringe, this time around Downey went for a variety pack, an order that contained both small and large needles.

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“When I got them out of the mailbox, I was kind of shocked to find that I was poked by something,” Downey said. “When I opened it up, I just found that there were needles just in a plastic bag.”

Downey served in the military for 20 years and suffered from both PTSD and substance abuse.

He was told by doctors that a possible cure might be the use of cannabis and CBD oils.

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“I didn’t know what it was but it said it was for treating PTSD and pain and I’m like, ‘Yeah, sign me up.'”

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This process is one that Downey is used to going through but said he has never seen a package with sharp objects inside delivered this way.

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Downey said he wasn’t hurt by any of the needles but was more shocked that something so sharp could be delivered in such a package, and raised concerns with who that package could have come in contact with.

“Let’s just say the Canada Post man or delivery man was poked by this or a kid, it could’ve been a lot more serious.”

On top of looking to get a refund on the product, Downey said he wants answers as to why the syringes were delivered in the state that they were.

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Both Amazon and the original seller offered Downey $5 to make the problem go away, but to him, it’s more about the lesson.

“I don’t know if I’d want anything from Amazon,” Downey said. “I just want to warn people of what you buy and if you find products like this and it’s defective, you’ve got to say something about it.”

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Global News reached out to Amazon about the syringes. The retail giant said they are investigating the incident.