Man allegedly approaching children near LaSalle school for photos

A school boy walks home.
A school boy walks home. djedzura/Getty Images

Montreal police are investigating after a man allegedly approached several children from Terre-Des-Jeunes Elementary School in the LaSalle borough.

He apparently asked if they would take a photo with him.

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“The children really reacted well and came to tell us, so we were able to meet with police in the hours following the incident,” Principal Andréanne Chagnon told Global News.

The incident happened last Thursday at 4 p.m., just 20 minutes after the end of school, at a nearby city bus stop on the corner of Robidoux and Dufresne streets.

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The school said it spoke to the families of the Cycle 3 children allegedly approached by the man, and sent a notice home to all parents advising them of what had happened.

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“We didn’t want to create any panic or fear,” she noted.

“Our whole team reviewed the rules for the children’s departures at the end of the day, how we verify the IDs of people who come to pick them up.”

Though Chagnon said she’s proud of how the children handled the situation – by immediately going to a trusted adult – she admits the incident has made her worry about them when they’re not at school.

“I want everyone to feel safe. Our school makes a big effort for them to feel safe here,” she said.

“But I want them to go to the park, to their friends’ houses and for them to feel safe and know that there is still this kind of vigilance and surveillance.”

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Nearby school Children’s World Academy, also sent a note home to parents, but confirmed to Global News that none of their students were involved in the incident.

Montreal police told Global News it could not comment on the case, but recommends anyone who witnesses “suspicious behaviour” to call 911 or get in touch with their local police station.

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