15-year-old turning YouTube popularity into profit

EDMONTON – What was meant to be an assignment for a Social Studies class has become a viral video on YouTube that’s bringing its 15 year-old creator some unexpected benefits.

His concept video for the iPhone 6 has been viewed nearly 13 million times.

“During the summer of last year, it kind of picked up momentum and was getting hundreds of thousands of views daily,” explains the video’s brain-child, Csaba Nagy, who has nearly 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The grade ten Archbishop MacDonald high school student took the thousands he made from the YouTube views and invested it in his budding career, buying state of the art equipment with which he shot and edited his latest film, Cycles.

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On Monday, it was named best film at the Edmonton Catholic Schools Film Festival. Nagy has been contributing to since the festival since it started three years ago.

Emerging technology consultant Daniel Espego says he’s seen the growth in the 15-year-old’s work over that time and believes the teen already has the skill set of many full-time industry professionals.

Espego also explains that with students being now able to shoot and edit videos on their cell phones, many are opting to go the digital route when it comes to their assignments.

“Students are making videos to explain biological phenomenon; they’re making persuasive writing assignments into videos in English class; and they’re doing public service announcements in Social Studies.”

In Nagy’s case, the attention he’s received from what was supposed to be a Social Studies marketing assignment is now earning him business, with different companies contacting him through his YouTube page to work on various projects.

It’s likely not the last you’ll see from this budding young filmmaker.

“I want to continue doing this kind of stuff,” he says, “this is just the beginning.”

With files from Quinn Ohler, Global News

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