Lethbridge community Walks A Mile In Her Shoes

Men and women strapped on the pumps Friday to raise money and awareness for programs that support women fleeing from domestic or sexual abuse. Global News

Lethbridge residents might be walking taller after participating in the 9th annual Walk A Mile In Her Shoes fundraiser on Friday.

The event is organized by the YWCA Lethbridge and District to raise money for programs in the city that fight domestic violence and sexual violence.

A man waits for the walk to begin at Galt Gardens Friday. Global News
A large selection of shoes was provided at the event. Volunteers handed out pairs of heels during registration. Global News
A man shows off his socks and clicks his heels together before the walk. Global News
Some men showed off fancy socks under their heels. Global News
The crowd warms up with some dance moves before the walk begins. Global News
Lethbridge Police officers sign up before the walk. Global News

Dominika Wojcik, YWCA Lethbridge and district co-president, says the walk is one of their most important fundraising events.

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“This event raises money for the most important programming we do at the YWCA,” Wojcik said.

“Programs like the Harbour House, the Amethyst Project, as well as our emergency shelter.”

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Each participant in Friday’s walk wore the number 1,714 on a tag, which Wojcik says is significant.

“[It’s] the number of women that have been turned away when trying to access the emergency shelter. That is a really high and scary number,” she said.

“And that’s why today is so important. We need to raise funds so that doesn’t have to happen.”

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A suggested donation to participate in the walk is $42.29.

“That equates to one safe night’s stay for a woman that is trying to get away from domestic violence,” Wojcik explained.

The minimum donation requirement is $20.

“That goes to feeding a woman and a child for one day.”

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Wojcik added that more substantial donations are encouraged, as a rape kit for the Amethyst Project costs around $675.

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The Lethbridge Watch joined in on the event last minute, strutting their stuff for the cause. The group hopes to make participating an annual thing in the future.

Although the shoes have been put away, the YWCA is still accepting donations for the cause for the next few days.

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