Police presence at Adam Scott Collegiate Vocational Institute in Peterborough

Peterborough police were at Adam Scott Collegiate Vocational Institute on Friday morning following rumours of a threat of violence on Thursday.

Peterborough police have responded to a high school on Friday morning following reports of a threat on Thursday.

Two police cruisers and two unmarked vehicles are outside Adam Scott Collegiate Vocational Institute, which is currently open.

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In a tweet on Thursday night, principal Wilf Gray said school officials were aware of a “possible danger” to students at the school on Friday. He said the Peterborough Police Service was contacted and that officers investigated and said there was no credible threat.

“All safe for school tomorrow,” he wrote.

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The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board also shared a tweet echoing Gray’s statement.

“Along with police, we expect school to be safe tomorrow for students at Adam Scott,” the tweet read.

In a followup statement to Global News Peterborough on Friday morning, the school board said school staff on Thursday became aware of a rumour shared by students about a possible threat or violent act on “September 20.”

While there was no reference to Adam Scott specifically, the board investigated and requested police to investigate.

“As part of that investigation yesterday afternoon, it became clear that there was no credence to the rumour, that it was baseless,” stated Greg Kidd, senior manager of corporate affairs.

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Kidd noted that throughout Thursday evening, school staff became aware of more discussion of this rumour online. To reassure parents and students, the board sent out emails and posted messages on its social media platforms.

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“School is quiet and operating as normal today,” said Kidd. “We will be following up as well with a letter home today to parents.”

Global News Peterborough has requested further comment from police.

A police cruiser sits outside Adam Scott Collegiate Vocational Institute on Friday.
A police cruiser sits outside Adam Scott Collegiate Vocational Institute on Friday. Harrison Perkins/Special to Global News Peterborough

More to come.

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