Online real estate platform promises to save buyers and sellers time, money

Click to play video: 'New tech platform promises to re-imagine Alberta’s real estate market' New tech platform promises to re-imagine Alberta’s real estate market
WATCH: A Calgary-based startup has launched a new real estate platform it promises will deliver better returns and convenience. Global’s Tomasia DaSilva explains how Bōde works – Sep 18, 2019

Alberta startup Bōde Canada has launched a tech platform it promises will make home selling and buying easier and cheaper.

“The buyer ends up paying less, the seller makes more,” Bōde founder and CEO, Robert Price, said.

The augmented reality program allows sellers to list their properties for no fee upfront, then markets the listing to various sites. The seller and buyer then connect and when the property sells, Bōde takes a flat one per cent service fee on the final selling price.

Bode founder and CEO Robert Price shows how his real estate tech platform works. Tomasia DaSilva

Price said the concept is similar to sites like Airbnb or Uber, where two interested parties connect, eliminating the middleman.

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“There’s a growing segment of people that already do business this way,” he added. “Five-trillion-dollars was transacted in 2018 online.”

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Nam Dang-Mitchell is a developer and designer who signed on with Bōde. She’s selling four townhomes in Calgary’s Marda Loop and said this concept just made sense for her.

The small, custom home builder said while a lot of the larger developers have in-house marketing and sales departments, she doesn’t have that kind of budget.

Dang-Mitchell has never sold a property before but isn’t daunted by the prospect.

“I know a lot of realtors. They bring incredible value to the real estate game,” she said.

“However, I have designed and agonized over every detail of this project so I’m in the best position to tell the story.”

Calgary condo owner Jenn Johnson was one of the first private sellers to join the platform.

The convenience of doing everything online really appealed to her. So did the cost savings.

“I did some quick math on my condo here in the city,” Johnson said, “and I would be looking at $12,000 to $13,000 in output for realty fees if it were to sell at list price.”

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But Bōde’s founder said this is not about edging out realtors.

“We’re not saying this is going to change overnight for that segment, but we believe this new segment of people would love to do business this way.”

Calgary’s Real Estate Board (CREB) told Global News innovation with different business models is important for the industry. But the manager for member practice Ryan DeLuca added licensing must be followed, as well as code of conduct and other industry rules.

Bōde has launched in Calgary and Edmonton and eventually hopes to expand to the rest of the province. If successful, it hopes to take the concept further, including internationally.

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