Allegations and controversy surrounding Ford family

Here is a look at the controversies that have fallen on the Ford family over the past few years:

In April of 2006: Rob Ford was ejected from a Toronto Maple Leaf game after allegedly harassing a couple sitting nearby in the stands.  Ford initially denied being at the game but later admitted he was there. “I had one too many beers and I sincerely apologize,” said Ford.

In March of 2008: In a council debate, Ford said “Those Oriental people work like dogs… They are slowly taking over.” He later defended himself saying the expression was not meant to be offensive, rather to say they are hard workers.

Still in March of 2008: Rob Ford was arrested and charged for assault and uttering death threats after a 911 call by his wife, Renata. Ford denied the assault charges and they were later withdrawn due to inconsistencies by the complainant. “I’m exonerated. I’m not guilty. I’m just glad this is over,” said Ford.

In August of 2010: During Ford’s Mayoral campaign, charges in Florida of a DUI and possession of marijuana surfaced in the Toronto media. Ford admitted to the possession charge but said the second charge was failure to provide a breathalyser sample. Ford pleaded guilty to refusing to give a breath sample. The marijuana charge was dropped. He said he paid a fine and did 50 hours of community service.

In October of 2011: Ford calls 911 when Mary Walsh from “This Hour Has 22 minutes” approached him on his residence for a mock interview as her alter ego “Marg Delahunty”. Ford said that being approached on his property was crossing the line.

In January of 2012: Ford’s house is broken into. His sister Kathy’s common law partner was charged with forcible entry, threatening death and possession of both heroin and cocaine. He later pleaded guilty to a lesser offense and credited with time served.

Still in January of 2012: Ford poses in a photo at the 2012 New Year’s Levee with alleged Neo-Nazi musician John Latvis. The Mayor later said he was unaware of his political beliefs and he does not condone anti-Semitism in any form.  Latvis later had an interview with the Toronto Sun in which he denied being a neo-Nazi.

In May of 2012: Ford was accused by Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale of rushing at him with a cocked first. Ford said Dale was spying on him while Dale contends he was on public property researching a story.

In June of 2012: Mayor Ford’s “cut the waist challenge” came to an end. The highly publicized campaign featured several rescheduled and cancelled weigh-ins. It ended with the Mayor losing 17 pounds, coming up short of the 50 pound goal.

In August of 2012: Drain and pothole repairs were done outside of Ford’s family company. It is alleged that the Mayor had these repairs rushed in preparation for the company’s 50th anniversary celebration. In a press conference, Ford denied receiving any special treatment from city officials. He said he has made thousands of similar requests on behalf of homeowners and other businesses.

Still in August of 2012: Mayor Ford is photographed reading while driving in his Escalade. This is the first piece of evidence amid multiple complaints of Ford’s allegedly distracted driving. Ford responded to the picture by saying “Trying to catch up on my work: you know, (I) keep my eyes on the road, but I’m a busy man.”

In November of 2012: Rob Ford calls for a TTC bus to transport the Don Bosco Eagles, a team that he has coached for years. Two buses forced riders off and into the rain to facilitate this transport. Ford said that a blowout in the game had tensions high, resulting in the need for the buses to be pulled. Ford’s coaching has been the subject of much ridicule due to meetings missed and staff participation during working hours.

In December of 2012: A defamation suit against the Mayor is dismissed in the Ontario Superior Court. Boardwalk pub owner George Foulidis filed the six million dollar suit based on comments made by Ford to the Toronto Sun during his 2010 mayoral campaign.

In January of 2013: Ford wins his appeal in the conflict of interest case. The Mayor was originally told to vacate office but was granted a stay until the conclusion of this appeal. The case initiated when Ford used city letter head while asking for donations to his charity. He then voted in council against having to repay those who donated. After the completion of the case, Ford sought out reimbursement for legal fees, without success, from Paul Magder, the person that filed the original complaint.

In February of 2013: An audit brings to light that Ford’s 2010 Mayoral campaign spent over 40-thousand-dollars more than what is allowed. The city’s audit compliance committee decided that while Ford did overspend, he will not face prosecution.

Still in February of 2013: The Toronto Star alleges that mayor Ford was drunk at a public outing. They said Ford was asked to leave a Canadian armed forces gala event out of fear he was intoxicated. The star cited six anonymous sources. They said that Ford has been urged to enter rehab for “binge drinking” in the past. Ford denied being intoxicated at the event and addiction to alcohol.

In March of 2013: Mayor Ford is accused by former campaign rival Sarah Thomson of inappropriately touching her. She said the Mayor was “out of it” and ‘grabbed her ass’ during a highly publicized photo. Ford called this claim completely false.

In May of 2013: A U.S. gossip website and the Toronto Star filed reports that they saw a video with someone that looks like Mayor Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine. Eight days later, the Mayor denied the allegations saying he does not smoke crack cocaine, and he is not addicted to crack cocaine.  Gawker is raising money in an attempt to purchase the video but have lost communication with those that showed it to them.

Still in May of 2013: Mayor Ford was fired from his duties as coach of the Don Bosco football team. The school did not give a definitive reason for relieving Ford. A spokesperson said that the firing was not related to recent allegations. They said the change is in part due to an interview with The Toronto Sun in which Ford negatively referred to the Don Bosco community. In the past, Ford has said the area is ridden with violence and gang bangers.

Still in May of 2013: Mark Towhey, Mayor Ford’s chief of staff, was inexplicably and suddenly relieved of his duties with the Ford administration. Towhey was escorted out by security guards in bullet proof vests.

Still in May of 2013: Doug Ford is accused of dealing hashish in the 1980s by the Globe and Mail. The Globe used multiple unnamed sources that allegedly worked with, sold, or bought hash from Doug Ford.  They say they have been gathering research on this story since 2011. Doug denied ever having dealt drugs and called the article completely false.

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