Ontario formalwear retailer Tuxedo Royale closes stores amid ‘financial restructuring’

Tuxedo Royale Limited at Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga. Caryn Lieberman / Global News

Formalwear chain Tuxedo Royale is closing its tuxedo and suit shops across the Greater Toronto Area due to “financial restructuring.”

A recording on the retailer’s main telephone number said refunds will not be provided for clients.

“Unfortunately due to the current restructuring and challenges facing the business refunds will not be available for deposits and payments made previously,” the recording said.

“We regret to inform you that Tuxedo Royale Limited has suspended all operations indefinitely during a financial restructuring. It is not known at this time when the restructuring will be complete and when the stores will reopen.”

Trisha Ryan’s wedding is just a few weeks away. A year ago, she said about $1,200 in deposits were given to Tuxedo Royale.

“Everything was ready to go and now it is definitely not ready to go none of our guys have anything to wear … five groomsmen, a groom, two junior groomsmen and father of the groom,” she said.

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Her future sister-in-law started a GoFundMe campaign called “Tuxedo Nightmare” to help the couple and the groomsmen as they pay a second time for suits.

A sign on the window of Tuxedo Royale Limited in Mississauga. Caryn Lieberman / Global News

Amanda Morin and Jesse Gould are getting married on Oct. 20. The couple went to Tuxedo Royale in August at Bramalea Town Centre.

Morin said they were asked to pay the entire amount upfront for the wedding rental suits at Tuxedo Royale at Bramalea City Centre in August. She said they spent around $700.

“This puts a huge damper on our wedding budget. We are so disappointed in a company that would do this. They should be hold criminally responsible as they just stole from hundreds if not thousands or brides and grooms,” she said.

Clients have already taken to social media to share their anger and disappointment.

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“So you took my money all up front my wedding is this Saturday and now no suits and no refund…you think your sudden bankruptcy is bad,” a customer wrote on Instagram.

Another commented on Facebook, “My colleague gets married on Saturday and all the guys have paid in full” and “My wedding is coming up next week and I didn’t even get a call from Tuxedo Royale about this.”

Tuxedo Royale’s website claimed “No other formalwear store offers a wider selection of tuxedos and accessories in the latest styles, colours, fabrics and designers for your wedding or any special occasion.”

It also referred to the company as Ontario’s “favourite formalwear store” with shops at Erin Mills Town Centre, Bramalea City Centre and Pickering Town Centre.

A message posted on Thursday to the website said, “We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.”

Kelvin Kwan, a groom who is set to get married next weekend, told Global News “I have yet to receive any form of communication from Tuxedo Royale. I’m not sure what would have happened if I didn’t just stumble across this story on Facebook yesterday.”

“On top of everything else, I am putting together a ‘case’ to dispute the transaction with Visa. I paid in full, but luckily with my credit card,” Kwan said.

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Kwan said he was able to set up fitting for his groomsmen with Tip Top Tailors.

“We managed to make it work somehow.”

Meanwhile, Collins Formal Wear is now stepping in to help. The competitor posted on its Facebook page that it would match deposits up to $75 and waive rush fees to any wedding parties who booked with Tuxedo Royale with proof of deposit.

Colum McKnight is getting married on Saturday. Rather than pick up the six suits he rented from Tuxedo Royale, he is now forced to choose new ones at a different retailer.

“we’re out a $500 deposit and on top of that now we have to go and purchase everything,” said McKnight who planned to spend the day writing his vows — not go shopping.

Tuxedo Royale did not reply to requests by Global News for comment.

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