2019 Canada election results: Trois-Rivières

Global News has declared Louise Charbonneau from the Bloc Québécois the winner in the Trois-Rivières riding with 28.5 per cent of the vote.

NDP incumbent Robert Aubin did seek re-election in the riding. The party looked to hang on to the seat they narrowly won in 2015 after Aubin won by less than two points over the Liberals. Aubin faced a strong challenge from the Conservatives, who ran long-time mayor Yves Lévesque as their candidate.

Boundaries: The riding contains most urban parts of Trois-Rivières, excluding Pointe-du-Lac to the west. The riding has lost the northeastern, rural areas of Trois-Rivières through redistribution, but has added the western edge of the city.

Last Election: Aubin defeated Liberal MP Yvon Boivin.

History: The riding has existed since Canada’s first election in 1867 (then known as “Three Rivers”) and has followed a similar pattern to many Quebec electoral districts outside the Island of Montreal—they elected BQ candidates from 1993 to 2011, PC candidates in 1984 and 1988, and Liberal candidates for some time prior to that.


New Democratic: Robert Aubin

Green: Marie Duplessis

Conservative: Yves Lévesque

Liberal: Valérie Renaud-Martin

Bloc Québécois: Louise Charbonneau

PPC: Marc-André Gingras


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