2019 Canada election results: Hamilton East–Stoney Creek

Global News has declared Bob Bratina the winner in the riding of Hamilton East–Stoney Creek.

Liberal and former Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina won the riding in the 2015 election by about 3,000 votes defeating incumbent New Democrat Wayne Marston. Marston had been MP for Hamilton East and Stoney Creek for three terms since 2006.


Liberals: Bob Bratina
Conservatives: Nikki Kaur
NDP: Nick Milanovic
Green: Peter Ormond
People’s Party Of Canada: Charles Crocker

One of two predominately suburban ridings in Hamilton, this electoral comprises parts of Hamilton north of the Niagara escarpment and east of Mountain Brow Boulevard and Kenilworth Avenue. The riding was formed in 2003 from parts of the former ridings of Hamilton East and Stoney Creek. It had a riding population of 107,786.



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