Netflix movie takes over Hamilton’s McMaster University campus

The Netflix movie Awake is being filmed in Hamilton and is using the Engineering building on campus, which has been renamed Kleitman Medical Research for the movie. McMaster

Hamilton’s McMaster University is getting a taste of Hollywood.

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The Engineering building on campus has been renamed Kleitman Medical Research for the filming of a Netflix movie called Awake.

The sci-fi thriller stars Gina Rodriguez as an ex-soldier with a troubled past.

The story is set after a sudden global event wipes out all electronics and takes away humankind’s ability to sleep, and chaos quickly begins to consume the world.

However, Rodriguez’s character may hold the key to a cure.

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The actress won a Golden Globe for her lead role in the sitcom “Jane the Virgin,” which is now in its fifth and final season.

Last year, over 130 productions filmed in Hamilton.

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