Bob Layton: Can Canada medicate the U.S.?

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WATCH ABOVE: In his latest editorial, Bob Layton talks about U.S. President Donald Trump's idea of importing drugs from Canada – Aug 9, 2019

Several Democratic presidential candidates agree the U.S. is being held in a chokehold by Big Pharma. They say the big drug companies are charging more for medication than any place in the world.

Bernie Saunders makes a very big point of saying he brought a group of diabetics to Canada, where they bought their insulin at one-tenth the price.

Now, President Donald Trump is talking about importing drugs from Canada.

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Do we have enough medicine to supply all of the United States?

If it was Canada swarming the United States for cheaper drugs, you’d think he’d be banning us and calling us drug refugees and maybe talking about building a warfarin wall.

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Maybe we need a Tylenol tariff.

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But, what about this? We were on a cruise to Mexico and realized we had not brought enough of a certain prescription drug. The big sign on the front of the drugstore proclaimed, “NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED.” And the price for the medication of the same name was cheaper than we were paying in Canada. The druggist there told me it’s because the government buys it in bulk.

So why wouldn’t Trump get even cheaper drugs from Mexico?

Let me know what you think.

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