Delta Dairy in Paynton, Sask. loses 6 calves in barn fire

Delta Dairy in Paynton, Sask., lost its barn in a Tuesday night fire, killing six calves. Provided / Kristin Shantz

A dairy farm in Paynton, Sask., lost its barn to a fire Tuesday night, along with six calves that were inside at the time.

Delta Dairy, which was up and running for just nine months before the fire, is owned by Kristin Shantz and Joseph Mosher.

The fire broke out at Delta Dairy shortly before midnight Tuesday night. Provided / Kristin Shantz

“We are all heartbroken. We had put our hearts into this barn. We are all sitting here, lost,” said Brenda Hult, a family friend who helps around the farm.

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“We can’t go down to the barn because it tears us apart.”

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Fortunately, six other calves were put in the outdoor pen prior to the fire so they could run around and play after returning home from a dairy show in Rosthern, Sask.

At least two mother cows were inside the barn at the time of the fire, but survived and were taken to another dairy farm until the barn is replaced.

“Joey isn’t himself, his dream has burned down. Time to start from scratch again,” Hult said.

“We will continue to move forward and we hope it goes fast so we can bring the ladies home again.”

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Hult said the calves were considered a part of their family, making the loss that much more difficult.

“These cows aren’t just ‘cows.’ They are mostly all named by their personalities. They do have registered names, but we prefer to have more of a personal relationship with them,” Hult said.

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Show gear and showing equipment were also lost in the fire.

Hult created a GoFundMePage to help cover the costs. To donate click here.

The fire is under investigation.

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