Vernon’s Ratio Coffee and Pastry introduces reusable Huskee cup swap program

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Ratio Coffee and Pastry in Vernon has introduced a new reusable coffee cup called the Huskee cup. It's all part of their effort to reduce waste going into the local landfill – May 24, 2019

There’s something new brewing at Ratio Coffee and Pastry. But it’s not the coffee.

“Today, we are using our drum roaster gold label espresso,” said Andrew McWilliams, one of the business owners.

Although the coffee Ratio brews is pretty fresh, too.

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“It’s a single origin, Columbia espresso, that they roast for us in Cabo Hill,” explained McWilliams, describing Thursday’s feature blend.

However, it’s not so much what’s in the cup as it is the cup itself.

“This is the Huskee cup,” said McWilliams, holding out a 12-ounce black plastic cup with a lid.

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And Huskee is not the size of the cup, like a grande or a venti. It actually describes what the cup is partly made from.

“They’re actually made with the husks of coffee cherries,” said McWilliams. “They are actually able to combine these cherry husks and non toxic plastic to make these.”

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But being made from coffee cherry husks isn’t the best thing about the Huskee cup — it’s how you resuse it that makes the Huskee cup stand out from any other coffee cup.

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“You can bring this cup in used and messy from the day before from your coffee, and we will give you a commercially cleaned fresh one every morning,” said McWilliams.

All it costs is $20 to become part of the Huskee cup swap program.

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Huskee cup participants claim it’s a small price to pay in order to help ensure less paper cups end up in local landfills.

“It saves waste. I can just bring my own [and I’m] good to go,” said Brett Kelly, who loves the swapable cup idea, adding “It’s worth the $20.”
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A feeling shared by Ratio Café customer Eli Garlick, who says he has a Huskee coffee cup.

“So I don’t have to use a paper cup.”

The Huskee reusable coffee cup: perfect for a person who loves coffee, hates waste and despises having to clean things.

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