City of Regina considering changes following construction-related complaints

City of Regina considering changes following construction complaints
WATCH: The City of Regina is considering changes for next construction season following numerous complaints from drivers.

Construction season has a lot of people talking in Regina, and the mayor is assuring residents he’s paying attention.

“I’m getting lots of calls on my Speak Out line, I’m getting emails, letters and [hear it on the] street,” Fougere said.

“I get this every year, but this year in particular, I think from the convergence of some unique projects that are just different.”

The city is investing nearly $84 million this summer into transportation, water, wastewater, and drainage projects.

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One of its priority projects is the two-year infrastructure improvement and beautification of Victoria Avenue between Albert Street and Broad Street.

Repairs to the Assiniboine Avenue overpass are also being made while the two bridges along Ring Road over Wascana Creek will be replaced.

Concrete replacement and paving started earlier this week on parts of Albert Street between 25th Avenue and Gordon Road.

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Congestion around the city has been a hot topic of late, costing commuter’s time while testing their patience.

And while it may be too late this summer, the city is looking at changes for next year.

“Working overnight, working on weekends should be a principle we use for construction where appropriate,” Fougere said.

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There’s also been a lot talk of contractors jumping from one uncomplete job site to another.

“When a contractor is doing work, stay on the site and finish the work. Don’t go somewhere else and leave it vacant one, two or three weeks,” Fougere said.

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Albert Street south construction project causes frustration
Albert Street south construction project causes frustration

As construction continues, both the province and the city have been urging people to properly use zipper merges.

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“If you’ve been through a double drive-thru at a fast food restaurant you already know how to do it. Simply fill up both lanes until the merge point in a zipper fashion,” said Tyler McMurchy, SGI spokesperson.

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“It’s the quickest, most efficient way to get through a construction zone or any other situation in which two lanes become one.”

Residents in the north end of Regina have something to be happy about, however, as the city says the work on McCarthy Boulevard will be finished by tomorrow.