Harper government worried about fallout from jailing of potato farmer, court filings show

WATCH: (March 24, 2014) Henk Tepper was arrested and held in a small basement cell with dozens of others for over a year, and the experience still haunts him.

Documents filed with the Federal Court show the former Harper government was concerned about the legal and political fallout from how it dealt with a New Brunswick potato farmer jailed for more than a year in Lebanon.

Henk Tepper languished in a Beirut jail cell in 2011 and 2012 on allegations he tried to export diseased potatoes to Algeria.

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In 2013 he launched a lawsuit against the Canadian government, arguing it didn’t do enough to try to secure his freedom, and seeks $16.5 million in damages.

The case has yet to make it to trial, although a pre-trial conference is set for Monday in Ottawa.

Documents – including government emails – filed with the court show officials cautioned each other about saying anything publicly that could help in a Tepper lawsuit, and were upset with Senator Pierrette Ringuette of New Brunswick for keeping Tepper’s story in the news.

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Although Tepper is free and back in New Brunswick, an Interpol Red Notice remains in place, keeping him from travelling outside of the country.