B.C. Hydro warns customers about a ‘new twist’ on email scams

Record year for BC Hydro scam attempts in 2018
WATCH (Jan. 19, 2019): Scammers posing as B.C. Hydro employees were 50 per cent more successful in 2018 than 2017, stealing nearly $45,000 from unsuspecting British Columbians.

B.C. Hydro says a new curveball is being thrown at its customers in the form of an email phishing scam.

On Friday, the utility said it has received reports of messages that “spoof” a B.C. Hydro email address, directing recipients to click a link and submit their banking information in order to obtain a refund.

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B.C. Hydro is warning that thousands of these scam emails, which look like a message from B.C. Hydro, have been sent out.

B.C. Hydro doesn’t collect credit or banking information by email.

If customers are questioning the authenticity of an email from the company, they should call B.C. Hydro immediately at 1-800-BC-HYDRO or check their account on MyHydro.

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