People stop Brazil traffic to allow massive anaconda cross a road

Click to play video 'People stop traffic in Brazil to let massive anaconda cross road' People stop traffic in Brazil to let massive anaconda cross road
ABOVE: People stop traffic in Brazil to let massive anaconda cross road – Apr 26, 2019

A giant anaconda managed to safely cross a busy road in Brazil thanks to helpful bystanders who stopped traffic to allow the monster of a reptile get to the other side.

Italo Nascimento Fernandes shared a video of the large snake crossing a road on Monday, near the city of Porto Velho.

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The video shows several people getting out of their vehicles to help stop traffic to allow the reptile to slither safely across the highway.

Local media reported the snake to be about 30 kilograms in size and over three-metres long.

Biologist Flavio Terassini told G1 Globo the snake was likely in search of something to eat.

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“These snakes can appear in the urban area in search of food, which are small rodents, and in the city they can feed on dogs and even cats, so it’s good to be careful not to leave the trash in the yard because these animals can smell the rodents or these animals and come close to homes, especially in the rainy season,” Terassini said.

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Speaking with animal news site The Dodo, Fernandes said he’s seen many snakes lying dead in the road because people don’t stop for the reptiles.

“It’s not everyone who protects animals like that. Some people prefer to see them dead,” Fernandes said. “Seeing all the people help gave a wonderful sensation.”

Fernandes’ video has been viewed more than two-million times since being posted on Monday.