Abbotsford Mayor will meet Sumas, Washington counterpart over airport noise complaints

Abbotsford Airport.
Abbotsford Airport. Google Maps

The mayor of Abbotsford says he’s trying to find a solution to noise complaints from Sumas, Wash. about planes leaving Abbotsford Airport that circle the small U.S. town.

Henry Braun says when planes taking off from the west-east runway need to gain altitude before they reach the mountains, so they turn towards Washington and circle over the town of Sumas, prompting noise complaints from residents.

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He says the issue was brought to his attention by a letter from Sumas Mayor Kyle Christensen.

“It was a very nice letter, and I actually, our staff, is I think already in discussion with Nav Canada because we don’t control where planes go when they take off. I intend to actually call the mayor of Sumas and go and have lunch with him and have a little chat about what we can do to help, because we want to be good neighbors too. As does he. I think it’ll be a very good lunch.”

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