Tips to prepare for garden season

Cecilia Di Antonio is getting her soil ready for garden season. Global News

For some, it’s important to have a nice lawn with a beautiful, lush garden.  While it’s still weeks away before it’s time to start planting your garden, it’s not too early to do some preparation.

“We just tell people to be patient and obviously, buy their plants now, but just be cautious before you stick it in the ground,” Dutch Growers owner Tim Van Duyvendyk said.

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“If they plant today, with bedding plants, you never know what is going to happen the first week of May.”

Van Duyvendyk said there are still many things to do to get ready for the season.

“Rake the lawn. You’re trying to collect all those dead grass clippings from the last five to 10 years and we encourage people to put some sort of fertilizer over top of that. If it’s a really old lawn, they can put on a really high (amount of nitrogen). If it’s a relatively new lawn, then they can go to a lower (amount).”

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When it comes to getting your soil ready, gardeners can start by tilling and adding fertilizer to the ground.

“They’ll want to start working in some manure or peat moss into their garden, so for the vegetable garden or annual garden, something that is going to put a lot of organic material back into the soil,” Van Duyvendyk said. “That is going to really help the garden with it’s drainage and help it absorb the nutrients and water.”

“Then your yard will be ready.”

Van Duyvendyk said a good time to plant is around May long weekend.

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