Rainfall warnings and statements issued for southern Ontario, storms to pose flooding risk

Spring soaker hits southern Ontario
WATCH ABOVE: With 50 millimetres of rain in the forecast, some areas of southern Ontario were slated to flood. And while some towns did see water levels rise, by Friday evening officials downgraded the risk. Jamie Mauracher reports.

Officials say a series of incoming low-pressure systems from the United States could cause flooding in parts of southern Ontario.

Environment Canada issued rainfall warnings on Thursday for cottage country and the southeastern part of the province, as well as special weather statements for the Greater Toronto Area and the southwestern part of province.

Global News weather specialist Mike Arsenault said the heaviest rain will come over a 24-hour period beginning Thursday night and lasting until late Friday.

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The regions where warnings were issued, he said, are forecast to receive more than 50 mm of rain. For the other areas, Arsenault said 30 to 50 mm of rain is forecast between Thursday night and Saturday night.

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“Water levels are already fairly high, so this added rainfall will catalyze the potential for flooding on most of the province’s waterways,” he noted.

Given the forecast, the City of Toronto reminded property owners to clear eavestroughs, downspouts and catch basins in an effort to prevent basement flooding.