B.C. fraud suspect arrested after unwittingly climbing into cop car

Kamloops RCMP arrested a suspect after the man climbed into an unmarked police car while allegedly evading officers. Getty Images / File

It’s not often that someone on the run from the law willingly climbs into a police car.

But that’s exactly what Kamloops RCMP says happened on Wednesday as officers were responding to a call about an alleged fraud in progress.

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Police said they were called around 3 p.m. to a bank on Notre Dame Drive, where a man was allegedly impersonating a client and trying to transfer a large sum of money out of their account.

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When officers arrived, police say the man fled and was able to evade police in the area.

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However, an off-duty dog squad officer who was nearby in an unmarked car heard the call on his radio and drove to the area.

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“When he saw the suspect, (he) motioned him over to his vehicle. As the suspect was climbing inside of the vehicle, the officer advised him that he was a police officer and that he was under arrest,” said Cpl. Jodi Shelkie in a media release.

“The suspect then made an attempt to leave the area but changed his mind when the officer said he would release his police dog (who made his presence known by barking from the back of the vehicle).”

Uniformed officers arrived shortly afterward and took the 51-year-old Calgary man into custody.

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