B.C. Conservatives introduce Trevor Bolin as new party leader

Trevor Bolin has been the new leader of the B.C. Conservatives. Trevor Bolin

The B.C. Conservatives have a provincial leader for the first time since 2016.

Fort St. John councillor Trevor Bolin was the only candidate who met the party’s requirements to fill the job.

The party was hoping for a breakthrough in the 2013 election under then-leader John Cummins but came short of winning any seats. The party received 85,783 votes provincewide, good for 4.76 per cent of the vote share. But with no permanent leader, the party collapsed in 2017, drawing just .53 per cent of the votes across B.C.

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“We are truly the grassroots party coming forward in British Columbia,” Bolin said.

“The B.C. Conservatives were the first party to form government back in the early 1900s. However, it is time to revive that, to renew that and to ensure we are the voice for everyone across the province.”

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Bolin’s first commitment is to eliminate the carbon tax.

“British Columbian families are paying record-breaking fuel prices and being penalized for heating their homes, driving kids to school, soccer practice and many other needs. This has to stop,” Bolin said.

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The B.C. Conservatives are not affiliated with the Conservative Party of Canada.

The party is pushing to allow private insurance carriers for car insurance and are in favour of ridesharing. Bolin plans on touring the province this year to meet with British Columbians.

“It doesn’t have to be the way it’s always been. There is a new day dawning, and it’s made in B.C.,” Bolin said.

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