Man caught on video stuffing chainsaw down his pants, managing to make it out of store

ABOVE: A California business owner says store surveillance video recorded a man stealing a small chainsaw by stuffing it down his pants.

A shop owner in California is asking the public for help identifying a man captured on video stuffing a large chainsaw down the front of his pants, before somehow walking out of the store, allegedly without paying for it.

Owners of Fresno’s RG Equipment released security footage this week, showing a man wearing a tan jacket and matching hat, milling about in front of a couple chainsaws.

The man is then seen picking up the mechanical saw before nonchalantly jamming the blade down the front of his pants.

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He then pulls his tan jacket over the motor of the saw before leaving the store.

Jeff Bennett, co-owner of the store, said two men came into the shop on Wednesday and one of the men worked to keep Bennett’s attention.

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“I kind of had that intuition that they were not here to buy something in the store,” Bennett told KFSN News.

The owner said he immediately checked his security footage the moment both men walked out of the store.

“I immediately got on my phone to check the cameras and I seen [sic] it happen, but by that time he was gone,” the man said. “You kind of wish if they applied themselves doing something good for humanity and for life, the same energy they apply to steal.”

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The footage of the bizarre theft has made the rounds on social media.

“It was frustrating, you feel embarrassed, you feel confused,” Bennett said.

Fresno Police Lt. Mark Hudson told the Fresno Bee that a man had walked into the police station in connection to the theft of the $400 saw, but only to clear his name. The man told police “he was being blown up” on social media after being wrongly identified as a suspect.

According to KFSN News, the business is fielding calls from media in New York to Texas about the unusual video.

Here’s hoping the suspect was wearing underwear.