City of London names top 10 projects ahead of construction season

The city plans to reconstruct 111 lane kilometres of road during the 2019 construction season. Don Mitchell/AM640

Brace yourself, the city of London is gearing up for another round of infrastructure projects this construction season.

The second phase of Dundas Place construction kicked off in mid-March, closing what is to become London’s first flex street between Richmond Street and Wellington Street, including the Clarence Street intersection.

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The second phase of a downtown sewer operation began this week, closing York Street from Talbot Street to just west of Clarence Street. That project will also shut down Talbot Street south of King Street to York Street.

The city intends to reconstruct 111 lane kilometres of road, renew 16 kilometres of sanitary and storm sewers, and renew 14 kilometres of water main throughout 2019.

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“We do have a balancing act to do between the needs of the infrastructure that we need to replace and service as well as minimizing the social impacts on the city,” environmental service engineer Brian Nourse told 980 CFPL.

“We do our best to try and spread out projects as best as possible to avoid as much congestion.”

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Here are the other eight projects that made the list:

  • Dingman Forcemain: Construction of a new sanitary pumping station and force main on White Oak Road to Highway 401, Southdale Road to Dingman Drive and Wharncliffe Road to White Oak Road.
  • Pond Mills Road: The resurfacing of Pond Mills Road between Buchanan Court to Enterprise Drive.
  • Wilton Grove Road: Major road and sewer work between Hubrey Road and Highbury Avenue to better service the large number of industrial facilities in the area.
  • Egerton Street (Phase 2): Infrastructure renewal work on Egerton Street from Douglas Court to Ormsby Street and on Oak Street.
  • Colonel Talbot Forcemain: Wastewater operations improvements between Fourwinds Road and Diane Crescent.
  • Dundas Street East: Infrastructure renewal from McCormick Boulevard to Pottersburg Creek.
  • Cavendish (Phase 2): Infrastructure renewal on Cavendish Crescent from Wyatt Street to Charles Street.
  • Oxford Street West: Road resurfacing from Proudfoot Lane to Platt’s Lane.

The city says the work is being scheduled to try and minimize traffic impact as much as possible for all road users, and that people can expect proactive traffic signal timing updates, advanced warning signage, and in some cases, temporary traffic calming measures.

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“We just encourage drivers to follow all of the construction signs, keep an eye out and be diligent for construction workers working in the area,” said Nourse.

You can learn more about London’s top 10 construction projects here, and you can stay up-to-date with road impacts here.

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