Convicted pedophile back in custody after federal government revokes supervision order

Click to play video: 'Convicted sex offender back in custody after federal government revokes supervision order​'
Convicted sex offender back in custody after federal government revokes supervision order​
WATCH ABOVE: Convicted sex offender back in custody after federal government revokes supervision order – Mar 29, 2019

A convicted sex offender is back in custody after her long-term supervision order was rescinded by the Canadian government, just days after Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and others voiced concern that she was able to live in the city upon her original release.

Peel Regional Police said Madilyn Harks, 36, formerly known as Matthew Harks, was arrested Friday after Correctional Services Canada (CSC) issued a warrant of suspension to Harks’ long-term supervision order.

“Harks is in custody. Long-term supervision order is rescinded and has been returned to a secure facility. This serial pedophile is no longer a threat in our city,” Brown tweeted Friday.

Police said Harks was convicted in three sexual assault cases against females under the age of eight, including neighbours and fellow members of a church congregation.

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She had been moved to the area of Main Street and Queen Street by the CSC sometime during the week of March 18. Police originally released a public safety concern regarding Harks on March 22.

“The fact that the conditions that the long-term supervision order had been breached within a week shows the real public safety threat that this was,” Brown told Global News on Friday. “…Let me say our community was livid last Friday when we found out that corrections Canada dumped a serial pedophile in our community”

At the time, Brown said he demanded answers as to why the woman was allowed to live in Brampton.

In a letter written to Attorney General Caroline Mulroney and Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Sylvia Jones, Brown asked for assistance in Brampton’s desire to reverse Correctional Services Canada’s choice to “dump” Harks into the city’s centre.

“The fact that Ms. Harks is in a halfway house instead of a jail is a clear example that our justice system is broken,” wrote Brown.

“Why is she being released in Brampton when she is from Western Canada? Why is she being located near Main and Queen Street in Downtown Brampton?”

In a letter to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, Brown asked why Harks was released, considering the possible risk to the community.

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“This is a pedophile with multiple convictions including three convictions of sexual assault against girls under the age of eight and this monster has claimed to have victimized 60 girls,” Brown wrote.

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Goodale responded to Brown’s concerns saying the conditions imposed on Harks were the toughest available to prevent people from re-offending.

Harks sentence expired in 2010. Police said under her supervision order Harks was not allowed to attend public swimming areas, daycares, school grounds, playgrounds or community centres.

They also said Harks was not allowed to be around any children under the age of 14, unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult who was approved by Harks’ parole officer.

“Corrections Canada dropped the ball,” Brown said. “They put them [Harks] in our downtown where there is Gage Park, where there’s local children at play, the Brampton library filled with children, the local museum filled with children.”

“The way Corrections Canada set it up, it’s like putting an alcoholic next to a liquor store.”

In a statement to Global News Friday evening, Correctional Service Canada said while they cannot comment on specific cases, “Public safety is always paramount in case management decision making … If there is any indication that an offender’s risk in the community cannot be effectively managed, a warrant of suspension, apprehension and recommitment can be issued.”

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Police said no charges have been laid at this time.

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