Crescent Heights sink hole causes northwest road closure

WATCH ABOVE: A sinkhole emerged in the intersection of Crescent Road and 4 Street N.W. on Wednesday evening. Doug Vaessen has details.

A sinkhole that suddenly emerged on a northwest Calgary street has caused road closures in the community of Crescent Heights.

The sinkhole opened up on Crescent Road N.W. and 4 Street N.W. late Wednesday evening as a driver passed over top.

The intersection of Crescent Road and 4 Street N.W. remained cordoned off on Thursday morning.

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It’s unknown what caused the sinkhole, which is over a metre deep and over a metre wide, but often they are created by water main breaks under the road.

The City of Calgary says sinkholes caused by water main breaks are repaired by their water services department, those caused by road construction or through erosion are fixed by the transportation department, and any in public spaces or parks are dealt with by the parks department.

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