7-year-old faces intense backlash after raising $2K for Donald Trump border wall by selling hot chocolate

Click to play video: 'Texas boy faces backlash for raising money for Trump border wall' Texas boy faces backlash for raising money for Trump border wall
ABOVE: A seven-year-old Texas boy is facing some backlash this week after selling hot chocolate to raise money for President Donald Trump's border wall, with much of the criticism coming from online – Feb 19, 2019

A seven-year-old Texas boy has raised approximately $2,000 by selling hot chocolate in support for U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposed southern border wall.

Benton Stevens set up shop outside a strip mall to raise money for Trump’s controversial plan to build a wall on the Mexican border; he sold cups of hot chocolate for $2 a pop.

“Proceeds help Trump build the wall,” read a sign on the Benton’s hot chocolate stand.

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Speaking with KEYE CBS News, the boy’s parents, Shane and Jennifer Stevens, said the family attended Trump’s inauguration and their son got the business idea after watching the State of the Union address earlier this month.

“I think it’s important that (our children) know what’s going on in the world, where we stand, what we believe in,” Steven’s mother said, adding the parents’ dinnertime conversations have probably rubbed off on the him.

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Stevens is also selling “Nancy Pelosi” marshmallows for 50 cents, for customers who like to add a little more sweetness to their hot chocolate.

On Monday, Stevens’ business had raised more than $2,000 for Trump’s wall, according to the kid’s father. Of course, given the United States’ current volatile political climate, the child has received some intense backlash over his fundraiser.

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“Some people are mad and calling me a ‘Little Hitler’ and stuff,” the child told CBS News. “And some people were really happy.”

Shane said he hopes to use this fundraiser as a teaching tool for his son, noting he was expecting some push-back.

“If he’s going to do it, he needs to learn that there’s going to be a little backlash,” the father told the news outlet. “But I just wish (the critics) would do it in a little more respectful, adult-like manner.”

The child said he plans to mail the proceeds to Trump or “we are going to go there and give it to him.”

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