John Oliver booed on ‘Colbert’ for suggesting Donald Trump might be reelected

Click to play video: 'John Oliver booed on ‘Colbert’ for suggesting Donald Trump might be reelected'
John Oliver booed on ‘Colbert’ for suggesting Donald Trump might be reelected
WATCH: John Oliver was booed on Monday night during an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" after he suggested U.S. President Donald Trump could be reelected in 2020, saying he doesn't "have that kind of optimism." – Feb 12, 2019

John Oliver says that he is not so optimistic as to believe that U.S. President Donald Trump wouldn’t win again and the crowd at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert didn’t like what they heard.

During a Monday appearance on the show with Stephen Colbert, Oliver suggested that Trump could end up back in the Oval Office for a second term.

“What do you make of the new political reality you’ve returned to? Because your last show was just before the midterms,” Colbert asked Oliver. “We just passed the midterm point in Trump’s first, and hopefully only, term and some are saying, ‘Oh, the end is in sight.’ I don’t say that, but others are.”

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“I definitely don’t have that kind of optimism,” Oliver said to his former Daily Show colleague. “To say we’re halfway through his presidency is to ignore the concept of a second-term presidency. We are two-to-six years away from the end of his presidency, the Constitution has given us—”

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The crowd began booing Oliver for his response.

“… oh wow,” Oliver said in response to the reaction, then joked: “Is there some big Trump 2024 fans here?”

“Constitutionally he has to go at some point,” Colbert said.

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“Yes, we all have something to aim at,” Oliver said. “We all have a finish line, like in a marathon, we can stumble over and have somebody cover us in a silver cape and say, ‘You really shouldn’t have done that.’”

He continued: “We all have to stay alive — especially Ruth Bader Ginsberg. If she can function Tinkerbell style where we can just keep her alive but us clapping our hands, then Pelosi needs to go full alligator clap.”

Watch the clip in the video above.


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