The scoop on poop: how a plastic bag ban could impact Halifax pet owners

Click to play video: 'Plastic bag ban presents problem for pet owners'
Plastic bag ban presents problem for pet owners
Thu., Feb. 7: Halifax has moved one step closer to banning single-use plastic bags, but that presents a problem for pet owners. Whitney Oickle explains – Feb 7, 2019

As Halifax moves closer to banning single-use plastics, there’s a potential problem for pet owners: how do you clean up after your pooch without plastic bags?

It’s a topic that’s hit Halifax Regional Council, with the environment and sustainability standing committee voting unanimously to request a staff report in order to sniff out alternative waste disposal options.

The current composting system doesn’t allow any pest waste, but Deputy Mayor Tony Mancini says other cities in Canada have found alternate methods and its possible to do so in Halifax.

“There are places like Waterloo and Vancouver where the municipalities are actually collecting the dog waste, and they are either putting it into their composting facility or they’re actually turning it into energy,” Mancini said.

“The motion today was to have our own staff take a look at that in our municipality; we’re not allowed to put the dog waste in our green bin.”

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Some Halifax dog owners would like alternative poop-scooping options.

“We have to dispose of it somehow. Some parks have boxes where you can put it in other cities, and they use it for compost. But yes, whatever it takes, I’d be happy to reduce plastic waste by doing something,” said one dog owner.

“She (The dog) usually does her business outside of the yard on walks so if there was a place to put it, that would probably work. But compost would be my second-best choice,” said another.

WATCH: Halifax council to consider possible ban on single-use plastic bags

Click to play video: 'Halifax council to consider possible ban on single-use plastic bags'
Halifax council to consider possible ban on single-use plastic bags

The motion has been pushed forward, but there is no definite date for when the staff report comes back to the committee.

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The move towards banning single-use plastic bags is also in its early stages.

—With files from Whitney Middleton-Oickle

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